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Property Leasing

When it comes to leasing properties, the team at Delphi can see the big picture.

Whether our clients own a property they would like to lease, or are looking to lease a property, we help them find the right location, negotiate the most effective lease agreements and/or provide leasing support services.


For our clients seeking to lease a commercial building, our team produces smart business plans by identifying square-footage needs versus costs and potential tenant improvement requirements and expenses. Thorough research, plus our local and regional expertise helps us advise our clients about current market rates for leased properties. We can help determine how each property compares to similar properties in the region, and what price point would be most appropriate for our clients’ needs.


For our clients who own properties that they want to lease, we can provide an effective marketing program designed to attract reliable tenants who can maintain a high occupancy rate over the long term so their business can prosper.


One of the more critical services that Delphi provides is leasing support services designed to maximize a property’s profits and value. By monitoring market rent payments, advising on increases, options and renewal dates, and maintaining a detailed history of a property’s income and expenses, among other administrative details, we can help our clients grow their investment — no matter what size of their property portfolio — through good management.